Friday, February 5, 2016

Cancer Survivors Park Boardwalk open

The first leg in developing the Cancer Survivors Park in downtown Greenville has been completed - a 1000 foot boardwalk that wanders through a canopy of trees and overlooks the Reedy River.  There is still a couple of years to go before the 6 acre parcel is finished, but it is sure looking nice.  The park is set between Cleveland St and Church St., near the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.  The entrance comes in off Church Street near the Next Building and provides access down to the river along some really cool mature trees.  This area was a tangle of briars a few years ago, but it is now taking shape.  I expect once the gardens are in place, it will be a spectacular spot to visit.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail runs just below the park and runs directly into Cleveland Park, the largest central park in the downtown area.  The area and trail are very popular with walkers and cyclists and there is a push to extend a secondary leg of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Nearby residential real estate  in downtown Greenville has exploded as small homes up on Campertown have been removed and brand new, high end homes going up.  This has been a trend over the past few years - the limited amount of real estate that is near Falls Park and within golf cart distance to central Greenville have been under intense pressure for redevelopment.   The Cancer Survivors Park fits in nicely and gives another nice getaway for those urban dwellers.

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