Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Last Remaining Corner at Fairview and Harrison Bridge Rds

If you live in Simpsonville and shop along Fairview Rd, then you have likely seen that big pasture with cows just across from Target and TJ Maxx.  Seems kinda out of place since the rest of Fairview is well developed with commercial businesses and all sorts of shopping.  Well, that 22 acre parcel has been getting some consideration from the city of Simpsonville as they are looking at annexing it and rezoning to general business.  It is just the first reading of the proposal, so there is still a ways to go, but perhaps that corner will anchor a grocery store in the future.

That crossroads is a gateway into residential areas of Simpsonville that tend to be more rural in nature. There are, however, many subdivisions along Harrison Bridge Road as it wraps back toward W. Georgia Rd and the Greenville Tech Campus.  There are several new real estate developments along that stretch that will certainly add customers to the Fairview Road commercial district.  All those businesses are to quick reach and there is also good access to I-385 at two interchanges. Simpsonville real estate is growing!

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