Tuesday, February 9, 2016

QuikTrip Angling for a store in Greenville's West End

Convenience and gas station QT is trying to get a 24 hour zoning variance for a store at Academy and Markley Street, which just across from the Kroc Center and right in the middle of the real estate explosion in the West End.  Of course, since the area is so close to downtown Greenville and in an area where high end condos and apartments are becoming commonplace, there is a lot of commotion from residents and business owners about the development. This location is really a gateway into the attractive downtown area, so it certainly will be under scrutiny from the City of Greenville as well. Right across Academy is the Ray and Joan Kroc Center, the AJ Whittenberg Elementary School, and more land along the Reedy River that the city hopes to develop into a large park.  The road could use some cleaning up; QT is trying consolidate a couple of parcels, including a liquor store on the  corner and a vacant lot littered with bottles. But this area is changing rapidly  as the West End surges outward, so you can expect to see a new style Academy Street emerging in the next few years. 

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