Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Development for Victor Mill in Greer, SC

Downtown Greer is one of the fastest growing downtown's in the nation. Close the the heart of the city are the remains of Victor Mill an abandoned textile mill. Now there is a proposed development for Victor Mill and nearby residents welcome the prospect of new housing.

Homes for Sale Greer, South Carolina
Greer, SC City Park

The new development in Greer, South Carolina will be within a 10 minute walk of downtown Greer. Greer, if you haven't visited lately, has a growing, thriving downtown area with home grown shops, restaurants and businesses. There is a mix of national chains as well to add polish to the charm already existing.

The Victor Mill location is ideal as the property is currently under-developed with debris and old buildings decaying. The development would clean up the area and provide new apartments and homes. The additional resident would be a boon to the downtown area as well providing a win-win for Greer.

Single-family homes, and town homes are proposed to be in the $120,000-$150,000 range, which is a good starter home price range. Apartments are also proposed and rent will be "the market rate" according to the developer Chris Hill.

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 Sources: Greenville News, and GSA Business

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