Monday, December 15, 2014

Greenville SC Expecting Baby Boomers

The National Association of Realtors had identified Greenville as a top 10 city that can expect an influx of baby boomers.  With a resurgence of the economy, many of the boomers are going to be moving south to warmer climates, where the cost of living is lower and temperatures are warmer.  According to a study done by NAR, these boomers have an income of about $92,000 and purchase homes around $210,000.  They are also thought to be about 30% of all buyers nationwide.  That's a pretty big slice of buyers.  Greenville's average price for a home is $190,700 for 2014. The pricing and low taxation rate has been attracting boomers to Greenville for years. And with the super attractive nature of the city center, the area is competing with other boomer cities in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

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