Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Event Looms over Southeast

School is out today in Greenville County and much of the Southeast along the I-85 corridor as a big snow storm is moving our way.  It's not all that much compared to our northern neighbors, but we are just not prepared to deal with it on the roadways and thus it paralyzes us. Right now it's snowing big wet flakes and barely sticking, but forecasters say this will continue with conditions cooling down in the next day with more snow on the way.  Humm, colder weather after a storm that will freeze everything up?   That's not our normal cycle....usually it snows a bit, then warms up and melts everything in true Southern fashion.  But freezing up will put a different spin on on things, literally, as cars meet overpasses and slick roads.

So after the catastrophic snow in Atlanta a few weeks ago, officials will be very conservative. My guess is that normal business activities will grind to a standstill in the next couple of days, then we all struggle to catch up.  Even my 11-year old son said that a day off of school for snow was great, but too many days off just created a big workload to catch up on.  Sounds familiar.  But what the heck, might aswell have fun while it's here.  Stay safe out there on the roads y'all.

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