Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Self-driving cars coming to Greenville County

Greenville County is getting smarter when is comes to non-emergency dispatch call response.  Smart technologies are the standard in nearly everything we interact with these days and Greenville County is fully embracing new tech as it comes along. This year Greenville County is getting a small fleet of six to nine autonomous cars! Plans are to eventually assist people with  transportation to doctors appointments, rehabilitation offices, and other destinations in addition to the non-emergency dispatch calls.  April 2018 is the formal unveiling. The self-driving cars will not exceed speed limits, they can recognize stop signs, and know that it means to come to a complete stop and yes, they are programmed to look out for pedestrians. The research collected from these cars as they are in use will be invaluable for future development and growth of technology in the automotive industry. Robotic Research is the company behind the cars, and is just one of the many companies pulling the Greenville area into the automotive future now.    

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