Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tindal Park near Downtown Greenville to be Sold

Tindal Park has been a nice, secret little park, tucked into a neighborhood near Bob Jones University between Wade Hampton Blvd and E. North Street.  It actually belongs to the Greenville County School District and has been rented to the City of Greenville for several decades since an old school was closed in 1971.  The School Board recently announced that it is selling the 2.81 parcel to New Focus Builders LLC for $1.5 million with a 6 month due diligence period in place.  New Focus is registered to Joseph Satterfield who is a partner of Quinn Satterfield Builders - they have been very active in re-development of areas close to Greenville as well as the Verdae development off Laurens Road.

The park is located near the Overbrook Historic area off E. North Street and the Earle Street Historic are in North Main.  Both areas are coveted residential home areas of Greenville for their proximity to downtown Greenville.  The nearby subdivisions of Stone Lake and Delwood have been very active in residential sales over the past few years, following the re-development push into the North Main area.  Since the demand for residential housing close to downtown Greenville is very high, I expect anything built at the park to be high-end in nature with fairly high density single family homes.  Of course, a variance to zoning could be granted to achieve higher density structures.

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