Friday, December 11, 2015

Downtown Greenville Population to Double with new Apartments

According the a census in 2009, downtown Greenville's core had 746 residents but 2014 had jumped to 1,020.  That trend seems to be  continuing as large apartment projects are underway or planned to happen.  There are a few high end condos popping up like The Perimeter, but are dwarfed by the number of units the apartments are offering.  Young urban professionals are fueling the fire for downtown living and they are also investing in small mill village homes around the perimeter of the downtown district.  These mill homes are usually very small and need major updating, plus represent a risk since the neighborhoods are in transition, however, they are getting fixed up at a steady rate. So,  the downtown living area is expanding  not only to established areas like North Main and the Augusta Road area, but into less expensive areas as well.  

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