Thursday, January 9, 2014

Greenville West End Improvements

Business owners in The West End of Greenville have been putting their heads together in an effort to increase foot traffic down toward the baseball stadium.  Many pedestrians stop at the junction of S. Main and Pendleton, not aware of what enticing new shops and services await them just a short walk farther.  The big issues are signage and additional lights, topics that the City has embraced and acted on quickly.  Trees have been trimmed so that the existing lights emit more light that will enhance pedestrian safety, and additional street lights are planned for University Street.  There is also a push for more directional signs that list specific businesses and where they are located, similar to what you will see along the Main Street above the Reedy River bridge.  Establishing this type of infrastructure will help the West End grow, and make no mistake, it is coming.  There are three apartment complexes coming to the West End that will add about 350 units and plenty of foot traffic  - 150 units at Wardlaw and Rhett Streets, 100 units with the Stadium Apartments at Rhett and Markley, and 107 units at 121 Rhett St. 

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